10 - What to do

What to do

The REFOLA team knew that it had to rebuild the old technology in order to fulfill its mission of protecting existence, but that would take several generations and no one else alive even knew about them. This would require extreme levels of secrecy, tons of resources, and lots of careful recruitment.

Recruitment requires contact with civilization, so they could not simply develop their technologies while staying in hiding. Extreme secrecy, however, would require civilization to remain oblivious to their existence, so it must be operated like a secret society. Finally, resources require either enterprising or some entity willing to divert much of its funding to such a group. Enterprising would risk exposure of new technologies to the world, so the REFOLA team decided it would have to get some powerful entity to support them. Of course, the most powerful entity in pretty much any country is the government, so the REFOLA team decided it would covertly control the government.

Eventually, the REFOLA team molded society into a stable and benevolent monarchy where they served as the king's magicians; when their technology was several generations ahead of anything even imagined by anyone else, what they did was indistinguishable from magic. Of course, to ensure stability of their positions while maximizing resources available to them, they also controlled the education of each new generation; everyone would simultaneously learn both technological advancement and loyalty to the teachers' guild. Finally, while they were covertly controlling the government and society in general, the REFOLA team decided they might as well get people to name the country after the giant word in the cave. And thus the Kingdom of Refola started.

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