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01: Mission

Exiting the elevator, I find myself in the middle of a large, dark room. It's dark enough that I cannot see the room's largeness through the shadows. I hear a rustling noise in the shadows and try to return, but the elevator's doors have shut. I here several more rustling noises from every dark corner of the room; I'm surrounded.

I fly up the pillar that contains the now-locked elevator and hide in the support beams. But it's too late to hide; they're already shooting lasers at me from the dark. I must escape; there are too many of them.

The beam I'm on is sturdy enough for now, but the shots will burn through it soon enough. I look towards the wall at the beam's other end, but it's obscured by shadow. Even if I can't see that wall, it's probably safer than staying here to get shot.

I take a moment to focus my powers, and I'm ready to escape. With my spatial distortion shield and preplanned trajectory, I launch myself to the shadows, hit the wall, and phase through.

Then I get the feeling of déjà vu. I've done this before, but last time I got distracted and forgot my shielding. That time I was hit by a laser which weakened me too much to survive the next area.

This time, however, I think I'm ready. After phasing through, I quickly dash to the right, putting as many warehouse shelves as possible between me and General Relativity.

I hear shelves crashing to the floor behind me, but my gravity's normal. General Relativity needs to see his target to be effective. I then realize running isn't the answer, and quickly activate my invisibility and hover to the ceiling.

I carefully phase partially into the ceiling. Now I can look around without the distraction negating my active powers. Hovering takes lots of focus, but staying phased into something takes virtually none after I've phased in.

From this vantage point, I can finally see the room clearly. There are several shelves knocked over from General Relativity's attacks, but he seems to have stopped looking for me. He's probably calling for reinforcements. Other than shelves, pallets, and my gravitationally-enabled foe, I see nothing interesting here. Time to move on and continue my mission.

What mission? The few minutes into the past that I can remember consist of me just trying to survive. This place really messes with my memory, but I usually remember things when I need to, even if I didn't know them in the first place.

I remember that the elevator was going up before I got off, but I'm so far underground that I don't know where I'd be coming up from. There's not enough time to remember these details; I must "remember" my mission.

Neutralizing General Relativity would be a great victory, but he's too powerful for me. This place is the enemies' underground base, an excellent place for sabotage, but that's not my mission. I'm here to retrieve something. Someone.

There's a prisoner I must free. His cell is well beyond this room, next to the control center. I don't much time. These rooms are distractions; time to phase through everything.

Minutes later, I've reached the prison. I find and phase into the prisoner's cell. He's on the bed and unconscious, with electrodes attached all over. Their wires lead back to the control center. This will be complicated....